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The Youth Foundation
The Youth Foundation was set up in 1999. With the underlying belief that there is leadership potential in every young person, it promotes the ideal of wholistic education to the Chinese youth all over the world through training, research, inspection, exchange programs and interactive digital media. The funds raised are all used for supporting Breakthrough’s endeavors to enhance the development of youth in various countries.

Official website of The Youth Foundation: http://www.yf.org.hk

Breakthrough Overseas Missions
Breakthrough Overseas Missions (BOM), which was set up by a group of Breakthrough volunteers and supporters who had migrated to Canada in 1992, is now registered as a non-profit making charitable organization. It has established an overseas network enabling our overseas supporters to continue their support to our services.>>DETAILS

The Ark Community
The Ark Community is a church jointly set up by Christian & Missionary Alliance Shatin Church and Breakthrough. In September 1996, Christian & Missionary Alliance Shatin Church formed The Ark Community in Breakthrough Youth Village to serve the diabled and to worship God together as well as having mutual devotion to Christ by organizing Sunday classes, outreaching activities, fellowship and gospel work.

Sunday worships:
Time : Every Sunday morning from 9.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.
Venue : The hall of Breakthrough Youth Village

Official website of The Ark Community: https://arkcomm1996.wordpress.com

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