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Breakthrough Overseas Missions

Our History

The beginning of Breakthrough Overseas Missions (BOM) was a group of Breakthrough volunteers and supporters, emigrated from Hong Kong to Canada and hoping to build up a network for carrying on the legacy of the Breakthrough Movement in Hong Kong. BOM was founded in Toronto in 1992 as a non-profit organization. Three years later, the "Vancouver Liaison Committee" came into place. The pioneering goal of BOM was to provide a window for supporters abroad to participate in the Hong Kong Breakthrough ministry through prayer and donations. Over the years, BOM has accomplished to help supporters learn of and support the latest developments of Breakthrough by making visits to churches in numerous North American cities, holding vision-sharing meetings, youth workshops and seminars.

To help the new generation abroad understand the spirit of the Breakthrough movement, BOM has, in the past summers, recruited young Christians to travel to Hong Kong Breakthrough in order to receive on-job training and to gain frontline ministerial experience.

Mandate of Breakthrough Overseas Missions

  • To promote the ministry of Breakthrough in Hong Kong-to spread the Gospel and foster believers-from the help of donations.
  • To equip believers in Canada to fervently take part in bringing the Good News to young people in the country through sharing of the experience in Breakthrough.
  • To regularly support and send Christians in Canada to Hong Kong to join short- or long-term mission training at Breakthrough with the purpose of bridging young believers on either side of the ocean.

The Ministry

Since its establishment, BOM has visited different cities, holding vision-sharing meetings, seminars and workshops, in an effort to publicize the ministry and experience of BOM and help exchange the knowledge of youth workers in Hong Kong and Canada. Cities that have been covered include Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montreal.

Conduct youth workshops and seminars.

Summer Internship: a scheme designed for those considering full-time ministry or university students who want to gain Breakthrough ministry frontline experience serving youths.

“Leadership Academy”: an assembly tailored for Chinese youths from different countries, who would take part in forums, creative workshops, social awareness functions, opportunities for camaraderie, to share the growing up experience in different places, to trace the path of a positive life, and to build a network of international youths.

BOM Board of Directors

  • Rev. Simon Li (Chairman)
  • David Cheng
  • Albert Tam
  • Eric Fong
  • Richard W.P. Leung
  • Anita Leung
  • Richard W.W. Leung
  • Jonathan Chan
  • Michael Wong
  • Leung Wing Tai

BOM Working Group Members

  • Nicole Wong
  • Asanda Cheung




Address: Breakthrough Overseas Missions, Inc., 232 Hood Road , Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 3K8.
Telephone: (905) 944 1944
Facsimile: (905) 944 1950
E-mail: info@bom-org.ca
Website: www.bom-org.ca

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