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As a community interlinked by love and committed to the mission, Breakthrough pools together colleagues, volunteers, youngsters and supporters with different backgrounds, expertise and talents. We put not only the vocation of individuals into practice but also the collective one for the community, which is the life project and cultural renewal of youngsters.

Colleague Community
Our staff members are merely common people, but they come together and devote themselves for the young generation, which makes their lives no longer the same.

Youth Community
Through participating in the youth community “Breakthrough Square”, young people understand their own selves, encourage one another, care about the society and put their ideals into reality.

Volunteer Community
Our volunteers humbly serve the young people through love and actions.

Supporter Community
Serving as the youngsters’ companions, supporters from all sectors of the society provide long-term support to us by means of donations, prayers and participation in the programs.

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