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Passing On the Mission‧Extending the Ministry

Dr. Philemon Choi, Honorary General Secretary


1973 was the year in which the Breakthrough Movement set off.  It was then when Josephine So released a vision-sharing leaflet “A Low-Pitched Cry” – the birth of Breakthrough Magazine launched by a group of young Christians called by God to respond to the cry of the time. 


Over the past 40 years, the work of Breakthrough has always been planned and driven through teamwork among staff in accordance with the mission.  We are accountable to the Board, and receive support from local and overseas churches and Christians.


I and Brother Leung WingTaiconsecutively served as General Secretary, working closely together with the staff community all these years.  Commencing July 2015, Joyce Man will take up the responsibility of General Secretary, forming a team of shared leadership with Jeffrey Chau and Stanley Ng, both as Associate General Secretary, as well as Pakkin Leung as DirectorofMinistry Development.  Together they will lead the Breakthrough staff community in continuing our mission and ministry, never forgetting the vision we first received from God.


Over the years, our ministry has extended its scope into mainland China and overseas, hence calling for the establishment of Youth Foundation and Youth Global Network as new arms of Breakthrough.  It is all by the grace and leadership of the Triune God that we continue to extend our ministry of life development and cultural redemption for our young generation!



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