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The Beauty of Leadership Succession

Dr. Leung WingTai, General Secretary

God commanded Moses to appoint Joshua as his successor, Elijah to anoint Elisha to succeed him as prophet, and Paul to usher Timothy as church leader.  This was all so beautiful!  Joshua then led the Israelites into Canaan; Elisha restored the dead to life; and Timothy faithfully shepherded his church.  They all served well as did their previous generation, but prospered in different ways.   


I was blessedly chosen by God to partake in the planning and launch of Breakthrough Magazine in 1973.  I then became a full-time staff member in 1978, responsible for media ministry development.  In 1992 I then had the opportunity of writing the proposal for Youth Village for submission to the Government.  Subsequently I was responsible for leading the following ministries:  the four pavilions of the Youth Village, Leadership Academy, Breakthrough Leadership Institute (BLI), and Quality Education Funds (QEF) projects, etc.  Ever since 2001 I have undertaken the responsibility of General Secretary.  In re-building the core ministry of Breakthrough, we have been so much blessed by God in our web and Breakazine ministries.  We testify that God has greatly blessed the youths, youth carers and parents not only in Hong Kong, but also in the mainland.


In the early years, we had Josephine So and Dr. Philemon Choi in our core team.  Later on we had Simon Li and Joanna Ng respectively joining the core community of shared leadership.  In July 2015 I will step down from the position of General Secretary and take up a part-time consultancy role in ministry in support of the new leadership team.  I have full conviction that with our Lord Christ Jesus as the pioneer and perfecter of Breakthrough, the new leadership team will not be in any way less than their predecessors.  I hereby give all my blessings to them!  (II Timothy 2:1-3)




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