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Beginning with Media

Stanley Ng, Associate General Secretary

The Breakthrough Movement set off as a text ministry, reaching young people through publication and other media to sow seeds of the Gospel in their hearts.  Back in the 80’s, I was blessed enough to participate as a volunteer in the publication and marketing work of Breakthrough.  I then joined its marketing arm as a full-time employee in 1996, and over the years have been responsible for the promotion of our media ministry, including books, the Breakthrough Magazine, the Breakthrough Youth Magazine, “U+ Magazine” and the current “Breakazine!”.  In addition, I undertake responsibilities for our cultural creative products, our publication work in China, and the development of our retail outlets, etc.  Time flies, and I have now been part of Breakthrough for more than 20 years.  In these years, I have witnessed the seeds of the Gospel grow and blossom in generations after generations of young lives. 


Thanks to God, for He grants me the opportunity of first serving in the publication and marketing work in Breakthrough, and then subsequently of overseeing our Design and Breakthrough Leadership Institute (BLI) ministries.  Publication and Design is media work, whereas marketing and leadership development is interpersonal-related.  If these combinations of ministries derive synergy with each other, they will be more effective in bringing forth positive impact.  Our current time is highly volatile and challenging as we face with the rising of the new generation and the prevalence of the web ecology.  In these new waves of battles against secular cultures and values, the Breakthrough community is to respond as life witnesses and with skills, while maintaining close grips of the Word of God in order to dialogue with the times through sound messages.  This is an immensely challenging undertaking.  As we know we can only plant the seeds and do the watering, but only God can make a life grow and transform.  So, I hereby sincerely ask for your prayer support please.



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