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Ignite, or be Gone

Joyce Man, Acting General Secretary Designate

The gospel of light

is the crossroads of –

indolence, or action.

Be ignited,

or be gone.   Mary Oliver


Back in my high school days, I was attracted by Breakthrough’s cultural awakening and its care for young lives.  In the 80’s, I was again touched by its call to “Search, Cultivate and Implant our Root”.  Since then I have always seen Hong Kong as my homeland, with my heart for China as my home country, and dedicated my life fully to the Kingdom of eternity.


By God’s grace I joined Breakthrough for full-time work in 2000.  Gradually I understand that its ministry work is by anchoring on the Kingdom’s perspective in interpreting the current context and responding to the cry of the time.  As we practice what we belief, we do not forget to continue our walk with young lives with embracing love.  To me, the journey of walking alongside or accompanying is the meeting of and connection between lives.  It also signifies the continuation of a mission.  As real examples, Dr. Choi and WingTaihave always been in this journey through their acts throughout the 40 years.  Their perseverance greatly motivates me.  So much do I hope that I can be like them in living according to what I am called for in the Breakthrough vision.


As Hong Kong enters into the time of post-Umbrella Movement, the need for reflection on our Christian faith is even more urgent and necessary.  As we face with the great waves in mobile digital technology, and the call to know the characteristics and concerns of the new generation, Breakthrough will have to look more closely into the future needs of youths as well as to revisit the essence and form of our ministry.  I sincerely hope to remain in unity with Jeffrey, Stanley and Pakkin in undertaking the Breakthrough mission, working closely with other Excom members including Angie, King and Ringo in leading the whole community to learn humbly and to look to the grace from above.  Let the seed of fire in the Breakthrough Movement continue burning – for the blessing of Hong Kong and of our youths. 


You and I have been movedby this fire.  Let us be in unity in extending this light, letting it shine in this era…


               “They are new every morning;

Great is your faithfulness.

I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion;

Therefore I will wait for him.”     (Lamentations 3:23-25)


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