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Interpersonal Ministry, Space, Partnership

Jeffrey Chau, Associate General Secretary

Having served in Breakthrough for more than a quarter of a century, I have had the privilege of partaking in the interpersonal and space creation ministries, working in partnership with the social welfare and information technology sectors.  At this time of transition, let me share with you what I have in my heart as I see it in the Lord. 


Perhaps some think that Breakthrough’s ministry is primarily its media work, supplemented by its interpersonal or space creation services.  In fact, right from the beginning of the Breakthrough Movement, our media and interpersonal ministry work haveserved together in stimulating and enlightening young lives in Hong Kong; either will not go without the other.  Likewise, both Breakthrough Centre and Breakthrough Youth Village served respectively as icons of our ministry at different times:  the former for the theme of “Search, Cultivate and Implant our Root” in the 80’s, and the latter for “Developing Leaders for the 21st Century” in the 90’s.  They themselves are testimonies of our ministry.


Today, although the new web-age generation is used to communication on social media and spend much time in the virtual world, interpersonal contacts and real space interactions are still required.  Recent trends even show that youth contacts are gradually moving from online to offline.  Such is found in their buying behavior, participation in social movements (from online forums to public gatherings), and even personal services.  These all indicate that even in a high-tech virtual environment, real-life high-touch contacts are still expected and needed.  Interpersonal and space-creation ministries represent an essential part of the Breakthrough mission, and will foresee even better connection with our media ministry.  We expect to continue our partnership with external sectors, and hope to receive your continued support.



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