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Life speaks for itself

Tse Chi Sing, Camp Assistant

During my work in Breakthrough, I have lots of chance to meet young people while Kei was one of them.  It seemed to me that I could see my past self from him.  This also made me further realize the works of God and that life speaks for itself.


Kei was very young with introvert character, low self esteem and always compare himself with others.  He once told me that he always recalled his parents criticizing him as “useless”, “with no achievement”, making him perceived himself as worthless.  Thus he never sought any opportunities to bring his talent into full play, just pursued to live a smooth and steady life.


Due to lack of security, he didn’t like to get in touch with others; even in the working scene, he did not want to communicate with others when not necessary.  When I got to know him at the very beginning, he simply ignored me when I greeted him.  This made me feel as if I saw my past self from him.


Just like Kei, I had low self esteem in the past, but after experiencing the love of God, I know that everybody is precious and distinctive from God’s view.  This led to a great change in me.  When I encountered Kei, I still believed that he was a distinctive individual, had his own ambition and energy, with unfolded potential and unlimited possibilities.


After half a year, he proactively said hello to me and shared with me about his path-searching, his family and religious thoughts.  He even told me that he did not want to get in touch with me before so as to avoid me as a Christian to keep telling him biblical principles.


I believe that God was working on Kei.  He started to understand that God viewed everyone as precious and distinctive.  He began to discover his own talent and was willing to get in touch with the Christian faith.


I strongly believe that a seed of love is already planted in Kei’s heart.  When it blossoms and bears fruit, he will become the blessing of others and influence others’ lives.  Getting along with him let me realize that communications happen not only during conversations, but a life that has experienced God’s love also speaks for itself.




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