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Ministry Development Ahead

Pakkin Leung, Director of Ministry Development

Hong Kong has experienced 2014… and has now entered into a new phase.  The social movement sparked off from political system reform has changed theimagination of our social vision.  We will, in our ministry, set our hearts on accompanying our young generation at a time of high pressure and volatility, and in a politically-charged social environment, one which is full of confrontational noises in the media.  While the form of our work may not need to change much, our inner spirit has to be one transformed with the perspective of the Kingdom of heaven – personal dreams do not stand in isolation from social care, and civil awareness cannot stop at the awakening stage.  We now have a concrete social context to put our steadfast conscience in action, and our times indeed call for servant-leaders with a pure and humble heart.


We often say that our ministry is a reflection of our staff.  The development emphasis of the Breakthrough ministry has always been dependent on the vision, the lives and the mix of the team at the time.  Looking into the future which is full of pressures and challenges, our staff are so much in need of the support from various sectors.  In particular, we need the prayers of all supporters.  With such blessings, we will continue to embrace Truth, Goodness and Beauty as our conviction, hence with a broadened inner space for seeking the eternal hope with our young people through our ministry and our accompanying acts with them.



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