Services of Breakthrough Book Gallery

Breakthrough Book Gallery provides the following services to customers and organizations:

• Purchase Order
Please contact our staff for book and gift orders.

• Special offers for organizations and groups
For purchases over HK$1,000, you can enjoy discounts, free delivery services and 15 credit days.
• Gift coupons
Gives the receiver a choice between our wide selection of products.
Available are: HK$20 coupons, HK$50 coupons and HK$100 coupons

Become Breakthrough Serve Club Member

[ToServe] You don’t have to love without boundaries or do a great favour. Some say that it the little things count. Small acts of good such as sharing an umbrella with a stranger without one and keeping the door open for those in need are deeds that can be done daily, but don’t feel like a big deal. Sometimes you could even feel not brave enough to help. We are getting further and further from land, living on our own planet.

Breakthrough Serveclub’s motto is “Small good deeds and brave actions”, representing what should be done in the emotionless world of a city – Although good deeds are small, bravery is all it needs for someone to speak out in order to open hearts.

Privileges for Breakthrough Serve Club members:
1. Services and Facilities discounts
• Enjoy 10% off when booking Breakthrough Youth Village venues (advanced booking is required).
• Those with membership cards are allowed to enjoy Breakthrough’s library privileges, and apply for a library card at a special price ($70).
• Join Breakthrough’s Cultural and Creative activities free of charge or at membership discount prices with priority.

2. Product discounts
• Enjoy 20% off of Breakthrough products and 10% off at other products purchasing at Breakthrough Gallery with membership card (except Textbooks and sale items)
• During a sale, members can enjoy an additional 5% off items.

3. Partner Discounts
•Members purchasing “Fair Circle” products enjoy a 10% discount.
•Members at Alternative Café enjoy 20% off coffee and coffee beans, and 10% off food items.
* Partners discounts are adjusted regularly
* The Breakthrough Organisation reserves the final right to decide.

4. Breakthrough Information
•Newsletters are sent every month to members, containing information on the latest products and activities.

Membership Fees: $80 (2 years)

Join Member:
1. Online Registration
2. Visit our Book Gallery in person to register
3. Submit the completed Application Form with the membership fee (crossed cheque, payable to “Breakthrough Limited”) to “Breakthrough Youth Village, 33 A Kung Kok Shan Road, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong” (Please mark: “Apply Serve Club Membership” on the envelop.).