Pathfinding Pavilion

Partnership Programs

• With the motto of “one must learn to be a responsible person before learning to do a job”, “Modern Apprenticeship” Program, “MA Plus—The Summer Youth Workplace Experiential Project”, “Dream architect” and “VIEW” has been held with commercial partners since 2003. Through internships, apprenticeships, overseas experiences and various activities, we help young people open their future.

• MineCity is an initiative that combines the video game Minecraft with societal leadership, hoping to encourage young people to collaborate in order to discover the good of society, learn to get along with different people, express learned skills as creativity and creative their ideal society with help from te internet. This way, it is possible to have a more fulfilling life both online and offline.

2. Activity Modules

“Exploration of Life” activity series: “Broaden Creativity at Work – Towards your Calling in Life”
• Career talks and workshops: Through different themed contents and experiences, such as the feeling of a mission, personality, goals, mock workplaces, we respond to a young person’s needs through this phase of exploration.
• Short film sharing: 3 short movies displaying the dilemmas that young people nowadays face, and to reflect on how to move forward.

“Creating Paths in Cities” activity series:“Connecting lives in Society – Xreating Paths Together”
• Community Leap City Workshop: Leading youth to reflect their relationship with society and change the meaning of life through experience activities.
• Community Journey Experience: Youth are accompanied into the community, looking for the beauty and value in corner shops.

3. Publication on Training

•”Handbook for New Come Pathfinder” was published in 2017 also to tell the stories of students who join the “Modern Apprenticeship” programs and common problems faced to remove stereotypes and myths for beginners in the workplace.

• “Wounded Child Can Fly” was published in 2013 to tell the stories of students who joined the “Modern Apprenticeship” programs in the past 10 years.

• “Create The Future” was published in 2010 as a succeeding tool to “Pathfinder: The Very Beginning”

• “Pathfinder: The Very Beginning” was published in 2008 to explain the principle and share experience on “learning to be a responsible person before learning to do a job”.