Breakthrough Square (BTS)
Breakthrough Square is the succession of Breakthrough youth activities, pooling the strengths and voices of our new generation together to build up a community of servant-leaders.

Why is it called Breakthrough Square?
The name Breakthrough Square shows the essence of this community: members are keen to break through the personal limitations and social constraints and respond to the needs of the society through action based on love, justice and truth.

With “…… to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God” (Bible, Micah 6:8) as its mission, Breakthrough Square builds up and lives out the spirit of love and justice.

Breakthrough Square was formed in 2002 by youth joining various youth activities. The members reach the underprivileged, silent and neglected group to show their concerns and hopes for the society through unique and creative ways.

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The followings are the youth groups of Breakthrough Square.

Leadership Amplifier (LAMP)

The Leadership Amplifier is a group of youngsters who persist to realize their dreams. Its mission is to form a Chinese youth community with global perspective, willing to serve each other and care about the society, at the same time, carries on the cultural mission of Breakthrough to synchronize with Mainland China and engage globally.

Why is it called LAMP?
LAMP represents both a lighting device and the abbreviation of Leadership Amplifier, symbolizing the determination to share the vision and conviction all over the world.


  1. There’s a conviction in you: Every person has his/her own leadership potential.
  2. We are servant leaders: LAMP believes that good leaders have a heart to serve and act.
  3. We are the LAMP in the dark. LAMP would respond with action, to show light and heat in the darkness and adversity in our lives.

LAMP is the succession of the Leadership Academy (LA). LA is a wholistic leadership development camp held during summer since 1996. As leadership ability requires long-term development and continuous learning, the LA Alumni was formed in 1997 based on the inspiration of the training camp so that the LA campers can keep on learning and serving the community. In order to promulgate the belief of servant leader, the LA Alumni changed its name to LAMP (Leadership Amplifier) in 2001 and started to recruit non-LA campers as members.

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Modern Apprenticeship People (MAP)

Modern Apprenticeship People is a group of participants who have discovered their own potentials and explored their direction for the future during “Modern Apprenticeship” Program and “MA Plus—The Summer Youth Workplace Experiential Project”.

Why is it called MAP?
MAP (Modern Apprenticeship People) represents a group that is willing to serve as a map, helping people and one’s own self to explore the life direction and paths.


  1. Dare to dream and fly: Academic results does not represent the values of our whole lives, it is the mission and dream that help youth to path their ways.
  2. Life influences one another: The experience during our grown-up can encourage youth to search for their life directions again.

Since 2003, Breakthrough has organized the Modern Apprenticeship in collaboration with schools, companions and commercial partners (including Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited and New World Development Company Limited). We help a group of underprivileged students build up self-reflection ability, the understanding of the future and their dreams through work-practice, in-class learning, training on leadership and interpersonal qualities, enabling them to find their paths. In 2006, the alumni was formed and named as MAP. They share the experience of striving in adversity with the outside world, hoping to bring encouragement to the youngsters.


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