While the range of our publications are evolving and becoming evermore diversified since the inception of Breakthrough Publishers, that which has not changed is our belief and mission -- which is to share through books the love of life, and to cultivate the cultural climate for young people across different generations. Through reading, they shall widen their visions, become more socially involved and globally concerned.
If a book can touch one's heart and inspire people with an idea, the world can be changed. In this we believe.

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Youth Media

"Breakazine!" is a bimonthly thematic publication which has the depth of a book and the breadth of magazine. This positioning strives us for continuous exploration and innovation. The learning spirit of "Breakazine!" emphasizes on the process of questioning, which is also the key to Liberal Studies.

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"vBreak" is a channel for short videos on the web. It enables youngsters to voice out their opinions. The youngsters, starting with their own circumstances, present the tensions between their dreams and realities through videos produced in different formats. The videos show great dissatisfaction about the social affairs of the society and inspire the youngsters to think critically.

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Cultural and Audio-visual Ministry
Breakthrough produces diversified video productions and establishes video channel on web in response to the contemporary culture and context. Through different trainings and activities, we aim to strengthen the ability of youngsters in reading and understanding videos and in turn uplifting the quality of their own production. This also allows youngsters to express their care about the society. We also enlist creative online videos from worldwide as recommendations for the youths, promoting creative video production and visual education that broadens the horizons of youngsters.


In the midst of a busy world, a gift embracing thoughts and messages often carries joyful surprise and warmth when compared with greetings through emails or telephone. The gift-production team of Breakthrough sincerely embeds encouragement and blessing into the gift products. We hope that links among lives can be established through the re-alignment of relationships.

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