The new generation grows up in an era dominated by fierce global competition. It is a world driven by materialism and functional thinking. Family and community relationships become distant and even broken up. Youths face with unprecedented challenges in seeking their own identity and self-worth. With our work ranging from books publication to digital media, from interpersonal services to social networking, Breakthrough inspires and guides young people to develop their discerning ability, to put love and care in action, to practice sharing in communities, and to live a life of positive values.

Media Ministry
Through media work, we inspire and enhance young people’s critical thinking and articulation towards the media including multimedia, social network, e-publishing and videos on web, as well as facilitate them in developing values and setting life directions.

Interpersonal Ministry
Through activities and training, we facilitate the youths in building a positive learning attitude, an ability to work independently, a sense of responsibility and healthy interpersonal relations. We facilitate them establish positive values with the courage to find their paths towards life with a mission.


Education on Liberal Studies
The Liberal Studies of Breakthrough aims at nurturing the independent thinking ability of youths. We hope that they are able to make rational and compassionate judgments on issues in their daily lives and establish a world-vision based on Christianity through reflection upon life, culture and personal values.

Ministry Research and Development
Breakthrough continuously conducts researches on youth culture and development relating to mass media, contemporary cultures, community studies, youth development, mental health and strategies of counseling. The research findings help Breakthrough establish the basis for the conception of our ministry.

Training and Development
Through organizing integrated leadership training activities and camps, and the consolidation of various services, Breakthrough shares the outcomes of the principles and practices in the development programs for the youth workers.