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Breakthrough publications have impact on young generations. As time passes, our publishing has undergone many changes. However, the underlying principle of caring for and nurturing the culture and soil to facilitate youth growth remains unchanged.

The books published by Breakthrough are closely associated with the pulses of the community. They fall into two categories, namely books for the youngsters and books for the general public. The former category cultivates the youngsters's interest in reading and leads them to care for the society, reflects upon themselves and establishes a positive and optimistic attitude towards life through the integration of printed media and Christian faith.

The latter category focuses on the spiritual health of people. It promotes their interpersonal relationships and communication skills with others and helps them acquire a profound understanding of the youngsters from different perspectives.

Latest Books: www.btproduct.com/tc/book


Breakthrough Gifts

Breakthrough produces a variety of gifts to serve different purposes, aiming at elevating the position of the gifts to life style products through their conveyance of messages of life. In a busy life, a thoughtful gift with rich messages often presents the recipient with joyful surprise and a feeling of warmth.

The series of Breakthrough gifts which respond to the current situations in Hong Kong creates a value system alongside the main stream culture. Through blessing and encouraging gifts, youngsters recognize the importance of motivation and introspection. The gifts include Matchman and Qu which are very popular with young people.

Matchman is just a piece of match, very common and not eye-catching. There are many constraints in his body which is vulnerable to both water and fire. However, he is willing to challenge himself - to become a fireman. As he develops his potential and creativity at times of adversity, he has become a model for young people to face the life challenges.

Qu is a girl who was born with hearing impairment. She has a pure heart which is often filled with satisfaction, enabling her to generate life energy in an unusual way. What underpins her is her purity in heart.

Please go to www.matchman.com.hk to download Matchman letter sheets, wallpaper and MSN Icon, or send an e-card for free. Please visit www.btproduct.com/qu to download Qu’s wallpaper.

The Latest Gifts: http://www.btproduct.com/tc/gift


Breakthrough Book Gallery

Breakthrough Book Gallery aims at serving young people and encouraging them to enrich their inner lives through reading. In addition to a rich collection of books, gifts and audio visual products for sale, Breakthrough Book Gallery also provides various services to different customers or organizations.>>DETAILS

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