Breakthrough is a non-profit making organization providing cultural and educational services for young people. Anchored on Christian faith, we care for the wholistic development of the young generation, help them unveil their potential, and guide them in becoming leaders for the 21st century. We strongly believe that young people possess the qualities of a leader, regardless of gender, personal and cultural background. The most important point is whether those around the youngsters offer them affirmation and encouragement to help them bring out their potential and creativity.

Our Mission

Breakthrough is a youth organization founded on Christian faith. Through media and interpersonal contacts, we inspire young people to strive for a meaningful life, care for society, and to know and follow Jesus Christ.

Our Work

The new generation grows up in an era dominated by fierce global competition. It is a world driven by materialism and functional thinking. Family and community relationships become distant and even broken up. Youths face with unprecedented challenges in seeking their own identity and self-worth. With our work ranging from books publication to digital media, from interpersonal services to social networking, Breakthrough inspires and guides young people to develop their discerning ability, to put love and care in action, to practice sharing in communities, and to live a life of positive values.