Volunteers are close partners of Breakthrough, and we invite you to participate or become a volunteer to serve young people together.

Breakthrough hopes that our volunteers possess the trait of longing to serve the masses, representing our work of approaching, building and cultivating Hong Kong’s youth well. Additionally, we want volunteers to be responsible for maintaining and respecting Breakthrough’s brand image. Because we demand a certain standard of services from our volunteers, training will be provided by our unit.

Long-Term Volunteers
‧ For those who have worked independently in service-related jobs or related skillsets, or those who have completed courses for voluntary work and participated in Breakthrough work and services, with long term aspirations and commitment. For example Counsellor volunteers and various youth training volunteer programs.

Project Volunteers
‧ For those who possess related professional knowledge and skills, have participated in Breakthrough project activities or production, and aim to complete all projects undertaken. Projects usually last less than 1 year.

Supporting Volunteers
‧ No fixed time or limit for participation, will be contacted by our staff when needed.
‧ Those who gave gotten to know Breakthrough through daily works, and will be encouraged to volunteer in different projects every once in a while. For example Project planning assistant, Book Fair volunteer, fundraising activities assistant, office work volunteer, etc. 

Please contact Human Resources Department, Ms. Lee via the following channels for volunteering inquiry:
Tel:(852) 2632 0323
Address:33 A Kung Kok Road, Breakthrough Youth Village, Shatin, N.T. (Human Resources Department)
Fax:(852) 2632 0193

Other Volunteer Types

General Enquiry
Enquiry:(852) 2632 0323

Volunteer of Counselling Centre
Enquiry:(852) 2632 0777

Volunteer of Youth Development
Enquiry:(852) 2632 0658 

Volunteer of Youth Research Project
Application Form
Enquiry:(852) 2632 0170