Interpersonal Ministry

Counselling Centre

The Counselling Centre aims at providing professional psychological counseling services to youngsters and their families. By means of face-to-face counselling sessions , it helps youngsters cope with frustrations involved in growth, calm emotions, alleviate pressure, strengthen problem solving skills and seek methods of improvement, thus leading to personal growth.Apart from counselling services through face-to-face sessions, the entre also organizes educational, developmental and preventive programs, such as seminars on youth development and emotion handling, activities on parent-children relationship, workshops for parents and development groups. Additionally, the Counselling Centre publishes articles and books in relation to counselling and how to deal with emotional distress in youth.

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Youth Development

In recent years, we become more aware of the rising needs of teenagers, such as the issues concerning their psychological health; their ever-increasing attention about the core values of a civil society; and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their physical, psychological, social and spiritual health, etc. Such rising needs have touched our raw nerves, which prompted us to seek for God’s guidance on how to be the companion of teenagers.

Ever since September of 2020, we have repositioned and restructured the Youth Development ministry of Breakthrough, so that we can sharpen our focus with increased mobility and flexibility to respond to the ever-changing circumstances and needs of the teenagers.

Main themes of the Youth Development ministry:

  • Bringing together teenagers with an emphasis placed on reflections and actualization; while we care for the teenagers, we guide them to reflect upon the values of heaven, so as to form a peaceful community
  • Allowing teenagers to freely explore their ways of living and spiritual callings, and to breakthrough the worldly view of life as part of a pre-destined plan
  • Using multidimensional methods to intervene and support teenagers’ physical, psychological, social and spiritual health

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Youth's sharing

By taking part in the MineCity Program, I had the chance to visit Sham Shui Po. Besides meeting a lot of needy people, I also found that many facilities were missing there. This experience was very valuable to me and has encouraged me to build an ideal community in Minecraft. Moreover, I had to communicate and cooperate with other team members during the event, and ran into many difficulties and frustrations. But the experience has enabled me to learn how to understand the needs of others and cope with my emotions.

Trial and Error Lab

Trial and Error Lab is a youth vocational development project. It encourages young people to explore possibilities for their careers and the future of our city by providing a lovely coworking space, relevant trainings and other innovative events.

Youth's sharing

Initially I joined the Lab just because I wanted to rent a venue. Who would have thought that during my stint in the Lab, I would have lots of chances to be groomed and try something new, such as putting up products for sale in Breakthrough Book Gallery, participating in an overseas exhibition for the first time and being interviewed by foreign media, etc.? I find that I have overcome many “impossibilities” and am gradually going along a path that can be further developed. What is more, my brand is becoming more mature in various aspects. I hope that everyone won’t be afraid of failures. As long as you are willing to try, you will certainly find a way out.

Ever since joining the Trial and Error Lab provided with my own workstation, I have undergone a series of transformation. By taking part in interviews, people around me have begun to empathize with my decision to switch my career, from being a social worker to being a part of the creative industry as an illustration artist. The experience in Lab has driven me to be more determined in developing my career as an illustration artist, and I have further applied for the Masters of Illustration Art Programme offered by a tertiary institution in England to enhance my skills and exposure in this area.

Trial and Error Lab does not only provide a physical workstation for me, but also an identity as a creative artist, and ample opportunities to try out various options. I have previously shut myself at home to focus at work, with an apparent lack of opportunities to reach out to others. Being a fellow of Lab, I am able to discuss and learn from other partners to gain more artistic inspirations and obtain invaluable advice.

I always failed to understand why my works weren’t selling despite quite a bit of compliments given by others. This puzzle prompted me to join the Trial and Error Lab, where mentors have given me a lot of practical advice and encouraged me to keep trying and improving. In the past I thought it would work by just sticking to my personal style, but now I hope I can express myself through other elements as well. I am very grateful to the mentors in the Lab, other Lab fellows and co-workers for walking with me over these 150 days. I look forward to seeing myself and my brand continue to grow and make progress ahead.