Media Ministry


“Breakazine!” is a bimonthly thematic publication which has the depth of a book and the breadth of magazine. This positioning strives us for continuous exploration and innovation. The learning spirit of “Breakazine!” emphasizes on the process of questioning, which is also the key to Liberal Studies.

Trial and Error Lab

Trial and Error Lab is a youth vocational development project. It encourages young people to explore possibilities for their careers and the future of our city by providing a lovely coworking space, relevant trainings and other innovative events.

Little Post

「Little Post 一小步」是突破青年網站Uzone21.com的分支媒體。收集願意認真為生命每個掙扎認真思考每一步的故事。
取名Little Post,有兩個意思。
Little – 由「小」開始思考生活裡每一個層面;暫時的欄目有「小人物」、「小媒體」、「小信仰」和「小革命」。
Post – 希望在Facebook橫行的web 2.0年代,想像post-web 2.0,對網上世界保持批判的距離,想像網上媒體的新可能。Post 也是指一個post-awakening (覺醒後)的時代,我們如何生活的思考。


“vBreak” is a channel for short videos on the web. It enables youngsters to voice out their opinions. The youngsters, starting with their own circumstances, present the tensions between their dreams and realities through videos produced in different formats. The videos show great dissatisfaction about the social affairs of the society and inspire the youngsters to think critically.