Our Structure

Board of Directors 2020

Directors Dr. CHENG Hon Man Roger
  Rev. Dr. LEUNG Ka Lun
  Mr. HUANG Erwin Steve
  Mr. KWOK Wai Keung
  Ms. YEUNG Yee Ching
  Mr. YU Ho Man
  Ms. YAU Oi Yuen Irene
  Mr. TAM Chi Hang
  Ms. YUEN Ka Ying
  Dr. CHAN Siu Fan, Fanny
  Dr. HO Yuk Fan
  Mr. LUNG Chi Yuen Justin
  Mr. LAW Wai Hin

Members of Executive Committee 2020

General Secretary Ms. Man Lok Yan, Joyce
Associate General Secretary Mr. Chau Sze Ngai, Jeffrey
Director, Media Ministry Mr. Leung Pak Kin
Director, Interpersonal Ministry, Human Resources and External Affairs Mr. Lam Wai Hon, Wilson
Director, Cultural and Creative Ministry Mr. Choi Lim Ming, Andrew
Design Manager Ms. Tam Shuk Mei

Our Clusters

Media Ministry

We publish books and produce gifts to nurture a group of local creative talents and readers and, with collaboration of the design and marketing teams, get messages across to young people and the general public in view of what is going on in our times. We have three main categories of publications: growth of psychological well-being, humanistic values and social culture. Meanwhile, Breakazine is a quarterly publication that focuses on current social conditions, unravels imbroglios and explores a way out for the city.

Interpersonal Ministry

Our team is comprised of many professional counsellors, social workers and coaches of adventure-based training programs. We get in touch with young people through face-to-face counselling sessions, pathfinding activities and training camps, helping them to face adversities while they grow up, achieve their full potential and let their imagination of the future run wild, enabling them to become servant leaders who care about society.

Cultural & Creative Ministry

We foster and shape culture together with young people, and cultivate and stimulate creativity, so our city may shine with extraordinary vibrancy. Our ministry encompasses the co-working space “Trial & Error Lab”, Breakthrough Book Gallery, which, together with visual and digital media, nudge young people to develop critical thinking and strive against mainstream culture, producing a transformation of values. 

Facility Management

By means of creating space and building communities, we provide young people with environments and facilities for life coaching, reflection of life journeys and realignment of personal values. Every year Breakthrough Youth Village and Breakthrough Centre receive over 2,000 groups and serve more than 100,000 youngsters and youth workers.

Corporate Function

We are responsible for the organization’s finance, human resources and liaison with external parties and our companions. We also play an active role in connecting our partners in various fields, including schools, churches and firms. Together we serve young people and conduct research about them, so their voices can be heard, which can also provide a basis for reference when we develop the overall ministry of the organization.