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Breakthrough is a non-profit making organization providing cultural and educational services for young people. Anchored on Christian faith, we care for the wholistic development of the young generation, help them unveil their potential, and guide them in becoming leaders for the 21st century. The key issue is whether and how they are affirmed, encouraged and stimulated to bring out their own potential and creativity. We strongly believe that young people possess the qualities of a leader, regardless of gender, personal and cultural background. The most important point is whether those around the youngsters offer them affirmation and encouragement to help them bring out their potential and creativity.

Breakthrough is a youth organization founded on Christian faith. Through media and interpersonal contacts, we inspire young people to strive for a meaningful life, care for society, and to know and follow Jesus Christ.


Organizational Chart


Board of Directors 2019

Chairman Mr. KWOK Wai Keung
Vice-Chairman Ms. YAU Oi Yuen Irene
Honorary Treasurer Mr. KWAN Vincent Wing Shing
Honorary Secretary Mr. YU Ho Man
Directors Dr. CHAN Siu Fan Fanny
Dr. CHENG Hon Man Roger
Mr. CHENG Kai Lam
Dr. HO Yuk Fan
Mr. HUANG Erwin Steve
Dr. LAM Yin Mun Edmund
Rev. Dr. LEUNG Ka Lun
Mr. LUNG Chi Yuen Justin
Mr. TAM Chi Hang
Ms. YEUNG Yee Ching
Ms. YUEN Ka Ying


Members of Executive Committee 2019

General Secretary Ms. Man Lok Yan, Joyce
Associate General Secretary Mr. Chau Sze Ngai, Jeffrey
Associate General Secretary Mr. Ng Wai Pun, Stanley
Director, Ministry Development Mr. Leung Pak Kin
Assistant Director of Audio-Visual And Digital Media Mr. Choi Lim Ming, Andrew
Head of Human Resources and External Affairs Mr. Lam Wai Hon, Wilson
Design Manager Ms. Tam Shuk Mei
Manager Of Pathfinding Pavilion Ms. Liu Yin Ping
Director, Interpersonal Ministry Mr. Ng Wing Kwong, Ringo
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