Renewal Pavilion

1.Partnership programs

•”Youth for Youth – Youth voluntary training program” has existed since 2016 and held every year from July to August. Through hiking, climbing, and outdoor rope courses, Youth for Youth prepares teens to transform their personal identity, calling, relationships and values, and become new age ambassadors.

•”Wandering in the Wilderness” began in 2006 and is still being held today. We lead youth into nature (the wilderness), to experience the baptism of nature and God’s creation. We want to allow youths to experience a reconnection to themselves, others, nature and God through inspiration from within, and readjust life for the better.

•”New University Life” collaborates with The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Polytechnic University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong to hold outdoor and adventure activities. We not only aim to build relationships between students, but also hope to improve self-understanding and communication skills in order to improve self-esteem and build on existing identities.

• Our “Gospel Camp” is held every year at Easter and has been held for the past 10 years. The gospel camp holds activities of different themes, such as faith sharing segments for youths to search for their personal identity, calling, relationships and values. We aim for them to learn about their Christian faith through these activities to become the people of God’s Kingdom.

•”Dare to Change. Dare to Create @Crossroad” allows secondary school and university students participate in outdoor and camping activities. These course activities are supplemented by material such as picture and emotion cards. Through these interactions we hope youths participating get to know themselves better and are able to resist external negative influences. By grouping them, we aim for youths to feel that they are never alone in life, and that they are always cared for.

•”Silkwork initiative – leadership training programme” began in 2014, in collaboration with Tung Wah Hospital Group Kwok Yat Wai School and is still available today. Through outdoor and adventure training, we improve Secondary 3 & 4 students’ self-understanding and ability to resist external negative influences, as well as discover their own potential and work on team-building skills. We hope to raise a generation excellent new leaders.

2. Other activities

• Camps: Leadership training camp. Education camp, Faith and Gospel camp, Personal growth camp.
• Campground activities: Rock climbing, outdoor rope course, team building training.
• Workshops/Lectures: Building teamwork, parent-child and leadership training.

3. Cultivating Publications

“A full guide to adventure-based counselling” was initially published in 2002, and revised in 2005, as the first full guide published in Hong Kong introducing and detailing the concept of adventure-based counselling and how to realize it. Not only does it explain the use and idea of this type of counselling, but also emphasizes the importance of the the case worker’s development and progress.

4. Volunteer training

“Breakthrough Renewal Pavilion Christian Volunteer Training Programme”: The Renewal Pavilion recruits a group of mature Christian youths every January who are experiencing difficulties at work. Through the “Wilderness Counsellor” ministry, we bring them into nature to learn humility and tolerance, readjust the true meaning of life and resist mainstream trends of society to look for the mission and identity that was given to them by God. The systematic training lasts for one year, and aims to provide rigorous training in the volunteer’s spirituality, direction in life and learning how to serve from the front line.