Youth Development

1. Minecity (2018-2021)

Aim: Through the use of Minecraft to improve the community’s blueprint and build an ideal community, such task encourages teenagers to situate themselves in the community, to learn to listen and observe, and to develop empathy and creativity.

1. The participants explore the communities in Shum Shui Po, Shatin and Northern District, and build the community by creating Minecraft maps in accordance with each community’s uniqueness and needs of the respective social groups.

2. Training teenage tour guides to host community tours such that more teenagers can get to know about the community and learn about the elements of cohesion, connection and inclusion within a community. The teenagers can also learn about using creativity to resolve problems and build a community with sustainable development.

3. Hosting an exhibition displaying the maps created by teenagers/participants and promote the thematic message of Minecity

4. Creating handbook of contributors and providing training, so that more groups can use such creative method to promote/foster a community culture of care for the young people.

2. Adventure and camping services

Aim: Through participating in the adventure and camping services, which offer thematic activities such as psychological health of teenagers, livelihood planning and community culture of care, the teenagers are equipped with new possibilities as they are being listened to. Their identities and values are also renewed such that they are able to find their callings again, rebuild relationship and move on together.

· Camps: Leadership training camp, Education camp, Gospel camp, Growth camp
· Site activities: Rockclimbing, Rope course and Group training

We welcome bookings and enquiries from schools or groups, please call 2632-0658 for more information.

3. Community Outreach

“Playtime with Kids”

Aim: Training volunteers to support the various needs of children and families with grass-root background during the COVID-19 pandemic and keep these children in good company. Other than improving the leadership skills of volunteers, a more important aspect of the training is to build up the empathy of the volunteers so that they are more observant about the needs of these children, especially in circumstantial restraints during the COVID-19 pandemic. The volunteers are also learning from Jesus with the love for children and dedication to serve.

The volunteers deliver food supplies to the residences with an aim to improve the health of the children. At the same time, the volunteers also make use of activities to increase the learning incentives of the children, to broaden the horizons of the children, to reinforce their tenacity, confidence and relationship building abilities; such that the children are able to face future challenges bearing the precious identity as God’s creation.

Activity: By cooperating with grass-root organizations, the volunteers are able to conduct virtual activities online with the children. The volunteers also help the children with their homework by providing teaching assistance and to overcome their learning difficulties while paying attention to their needs. Also, subject to the social-distancing measures implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, two outdoor activities have been arranged for this initiative.


4. Caring initiative during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Aim: Bringing together teenage volunteers during the pandemic and caring for the children and families in need within the community.

1. Online caring scheme organized by teenage volunteers
2. Community outreach and production of caring packages