Library Regulations

The librarian reserves the right to change the following regulations according to different situations.

Opening hours
The opening hours will be determined by the Librarian and will vary with the demand for library use and staff availability. Current changes will be displayed at the entrance of the Breakthrough Library.
The library is for the exclusive use by
a. Breakthrough staff
b. Breakthrough library card holders
c. Breakthrough library reader card holders
d. Breakthrough Serve Club members

Library users are required to show their valid identification cards.

Borrowing privileges are available to Breakthrough staff and library card holders. For others who wish to enjoy borrowing privileges, please apply for a Library card.

General library regulations
1. Users are required to abide by the notices posted in the library and instructions of the library staff.
2. Personal belongings must be placed on the shelves.
3. Disruptive behaviour is not allowed.
4. Eating, drinking and smoking are not allowed.
5. Photo-taking, video and sound recording are not allowed without permission.
6. Headphone must be used when using video and audio equipment.
7. No duplication of computer software and video-audio programmes is allowed in the library.
8. All photocopying and printing must comply with the Copyright Law.

The librarian has the right to refuse anyone entering and using the library.