Spiritual Facilites

Tranquility is in fact a rich space.
Observe and listen in quietness. Let your mind take a break from the din. Give space to yourself and make a renewed discovery. Recognizing your limitations, be in awe of His fullness.
The scheme “City Eden” aims at creating space for the enjoyment of a peaceful and wholesome.

“A Retreat from the Daily Grind”
Has complementary spacious guest rooms reserved for pastors on Sunday evenings (except meals).

“Rediscover our Soul”
Open our heart to God and have solitude at “Distant Lookout”, “Tolo Talk” or “Calm the Sea”.

“Encounter with God”
Enter the Temple to experience God with us
Chapel: Jehovah shall be here perpetually
Sprout Court: Jehovah dwelt among us
Soulful Hill: Jehovah is walking in the garden

“Spiritual Journey”
Slow down our pace and reconnect with the Lord.
Meditation Walk The Lord is my Shepherd, walk and meditate Psalms 2 (meditation guide in Chinese is available)
Way of the Cross Follow Jesus’trail of Crucifixion, share the grief of the Cross (meditation guide in Chinese is available)
Labyrinth: Let the Holy Spirit leads your steps. Treasure your talk with the Lord

Photo Gallery

Distant Look

Calm the Sea

Soulful Hill

(Photos for reference only.)