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Campsite facilities

Day camp: 150 persons, Evening camp: 150 persons, Overnight camp: 200 persons.

Youth quarter

  • 31 rooms for 2, 3, 4, or 12-person occupancy. Maximum capacity is 130 persons.
  • Air-conditioned, private bathroom and washroom (except 4-person rooms at Sprout Court).

Bluebird Lodge

  • 102-storey family suites for 6, 8, or 10-person occupancy. Maximum capacity is 70 persons.
  • Air-conditioned, private bathroom and washroom, pantry, TV, DVD and internet service.


  • Maximum capacity is 300 persons.
  • Suitable for film appreciation and performing arts events.


  • Maximum capacity is 200 persons.
  • Equipped with grand piano, podium and a small prayer room.
    Suitable for worship, sharing meetings and quiet contemplation.

Amphitheatre and Open Space

  • Grass, pasture green, amazing maze.
  • Suitable for outdoor trainings, performance, evening gatherings, etc.

Soulful Hill

  • A path fit for individual contemplation, meditation or group sharing.

Gymnasium and Adventure-Based Training Facilities

  • 2 outdoor cord nets, 2 sport climbing walls, a rock-climbing wall for adventure-based training.
  • Gymnasium is suitable for all types of gymnastic and sports activities, large variety event, art fair etc.

Multi-purpose activity rooms

  • 12 rooms of different sizes suitable for various courses, seminars, workshops and group meetings.

Dining Hall

  • Seats 150 diners.
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