Village Dining Hall provides quality catering services. Apart from regular youth meals for campers, alternatives like buffet, set meals in Chinese or Western style are available for consideration

In the meanwhile, we make an effort to develop the culture of healthy diet: Breakthrough Youth Village Dining Hall was registered as “EatSmart Restaurant”, Menu of “EatSmart Restaurant” is available; we pay attention to the ratio of vegetable and meat for youth meals; fruits is provided for lunch and dinner.

Food culture can also stimulate youngsters to think about the impact of globalization. Therefore, fair trade products are available at the Village Dining Hall, kitchen waste is collected for cultivation purpose. We hope youth will response with action to the concern of justice and environmental protection.

Menu (Chinese only)
- Chinese Meal  
- Dishes
- Seafood Meal
- Buffet
- Poon Choi (Big Bowl Feast)
- Tea Set
- Night Snack
- Dessert