13 February 2020

Dear Friends,

Warmest greetings in the Lord!

Breakthrough, being a Faith-based community, has been serving youths and Hong Kong since 1973. As a non-subvented NGO, it is our mandate to exercise good stewardship over our ministries and resources.   

At present, Hong Kong has more than 150,000 working-poor households while some 25% of school children (250,000) living under the poverty line.  Thanks to the financial contributions of those who share the same passion, we were able to offer professional services and cares to those in need.

However, massive social unrests in the latter half of 2019 and US-China trade wars are starting to show effects on the local economy and our finances.  Yet, Breakthrough worked hard to recover any shortfall in donations and other incomes.  With concerted effort, we managed to maintain a balanced budget till end of 2019. 

Then, there comes the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus in January.  The epidemic inevitably brought about partial / complete halt of our frontline services, camp site and sales activities, resulting in a 70% drop of income to only HK$1.5M, against our committed expenses of $4M+.   

Given the dire situation, we do not stay still but manage to shift some of our effort to serve the immediate needs of under-resourced children and families.   At the same time, we are coming up with measures to alleviate this financial crisis.   By being proactive, our senior management team will receive a 30% pay cut in the coming 3 months, while we shall offer a voluntary no-pay leave of one and three-week to all staff.

Right now, Breakthrough is facing with the challenge of raising HK$5M before end of April, while praying fervently for an end to the coronavirus and the healing of those afflicted.  Father Nouwen said it well, “from beginning to end, fund-raising as ministry is grounded in prayer and undertaken in gratitude.”   We count every donations as a token of His Love and sincerely plead that you would consider our Appeal favourably. 

Overseered by a dedicated Board of Christian professionals, it is our pledge and duty to make the best use of every gift received.  Even the socio-economic outlook may look bleak, we shall continue to stand tall with our Mission and stand by those in need.  Hoping your support will help sustain and revive God’s work in Hong Kong at this time.

Living the Call Together,
Joyce Man
General Secretary

Online donation:https://donation.breakthrough.org.hk/index?item=general

Other donation methods: https://www.breakthrough.org.hk/donation-and-support/other-donation-method/

Your prayer support is crucial to us and we really appreciate it:

1. In the turbulent time of the epidemic, please pray for the financial downturn faced by Breakthrough. In addition to that, we need to cancel our upcoming flag day activities in public areas due to the safety concerns, which will worsen our financial situation further.  May God bless our coming ‘Golden Flag’ fundraising activity with His abundant supply so that our youth work may sustain and continue.

2. Let’s pray for the end of Coronavirus so that our city may go back to normal again. May God heal and comfort those who are infected and grant extra strength and protection to the medical workers.  Protect them from being infected even though they work at the high risk areas.


Breakthrough colleagues would like to make intercessions for you too. Please leave your prayer request in the below form and let us remember each other in prayers.