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Breakthrough Village
Breakthrough Village, a village for the youngsters to formulate their dreams, provides integrated services in counseling, training, information technology and facilities as well as space for outdoor and cultural activities. It establishes a space for nurturing leaders for the 21st century, motivating them to ponder about and explore different life issues.

Breakthrough applied for a piece of land from the Government in 1992. A site of 8,141 square metres was approved in 1993 for the construction of the Youth Village.>>DETAILS


Breakthrough Centre
Breakthrough Centre, began operation in 1985, is a Breakthrough’s window for external affairs. Providing a focal point for youngsters to light up their dreams, it is suitable for organizing different kinds of cultural, educational and servicing activities.

The areas of the hall and the classroom of Breakthrough Centre are about 3,000 square feet and 500 square feet respectively. The Centre is well equipped with central air-conditioning and is suitable for organizing courses and gatherings by churches, schools, companies and associations.>>DETAILS

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