Counseling Centre
The Counseling Centre aims at providing professional psychological counseling to youngsters and their families. By means of interviews, it helps youngsters to cope with frustrations involved in growth, calm down their emotions, alleviate their pressure, strengthen their ability to solve problems and seek improvements, thus leading to personal growth.

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Apart from counseling services through interviews, the Centre also organizes educational, developmental and preventive programs, such as seminars on youth development and emotion handling, activities on parent-children relationship, workshops for parents and development groups.

Pathfinding Pavilion
Pathfinding Pavilion strives to assist the youngsters to cultivate their ability on self-reflection and probing into the future, and their courage to pursue for dreams, to explore and to learn. They are also encouraged to link up with fellow companions to create a unique path for their future. Pathfinding Pavilion offers partnership programs, activity modules and publication on training, enabling every youngster to "have the courage to explore, pursue for dreams, challenge their own limits and create the future".


Renewal Pavilion
Renewal Pavilion strives for nurturing, renewing and changing the lives of the youngsters and youth workers with the image of Christ for fulfilling the missions of cultural redemption "The Battle of Mind" and value system promotion. Through camps in line with youth culture, the Renewal Pavilion enters the inner heart of the youngsters to create a space for life transformation. The camps bring opportunities for the youngsters and youth workers to learn and to grow.